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04 September 2005

4 September 2005 - Starmen.net forums

"I have all the books too, and am only missing 'It's a Magical World' in hard cover. Otherwise I have all editions, including the British Time Warner pocket books.

"Edit: I did forget the book 'Teaching With Calvin and Hobbes' I've been trying to track a copy down for years, but no luck"


21 August 2005

21 August 2005 - Andertoons Cartoon Blog

"Remember that Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes book I was interested in? I found one on Ebay last week, but failed to hang in there price-wise...."


15 August 2005

26 July 2005

26 July 2005 - Wikipedia

"Because of Watterson's strong anti-merchandising sentiments and his reluctance to return to the spotlight, almost no legitimate Calvin and Hobbes licensed merchandise exists outside of the book collections. ... Two notable exceptions to the licensing embargo were the publication of two 16-month wall calendars and the textbook Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes."



09 July 2005

9 July 2005 - BookRags

"Further Reading:

"Holmen, Linda, and Mary Santella-Johnson. Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes. Fargo, North Dakota, Playground Publishing, 1993."


16 May 2005

16 May 2005 - Blogus Obscurus

"For more on C&H, check out Radigan Neuhalfen's 'So you'd like to' guide on amazon.com, and Tim's Calvin & Hobbes: Magic on Paper site (where you can find wonderful pages on legit (check out info on and photos of the very rare Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes book) and bootleg C&H items)..."




26 January 2005

26 January 2005 - Calvin and Hobbes' Magical World

"This is Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes by Linda Holmen and Mary Santella-Johnson. It is a children's language textbook that was developed and written by a speech pathologist and a learning disabilities educator. In the book, Calvin and Hobbes comic strips are utilized in a classic Dick and Jane style to teach vocabulary, comprehension, critical thinking, deductive reasoning, and the form and function of humor...."