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06 October 2006

6 October 2006 - How To Reach and Teach All Children in the Inclusive Classroom, 2nd Edition

"We highly recommend a wonderful book, Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes (1993), by Mary Santella-Johnson and Linda Holmen. The authors use some humorous Calvin and Hobbes comic strips to motivate upper-grade and middle school students while teaching a variety of skills: vocabulary, comprehension, figurative language, and problem solving. Reading and writing skills are the main focus."

How To Reach and Teach All Children in the Inclusive Classroom: Practical Strategies, Lessons, and Activities, 2nd Edition. Sandra F. Rief and Julie A. Heimburge. Jossey-Bass. 2006. ISBN 978-0787981549. Page 210.

24 July 2006

24 July 2006 - Platypus Comix

"...the only other official piece of licensing besides the calendars and shirt is 'Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes,' containing reprints of strips. This comes from 1993 and Watterson just barely allowed it, after he got a letter from one of the authors describing how she used Calvin to teach to children with special needs. Universal put a legal vise on the print run, restricting sales to classrooms ONLY and producing only 2,500 copies...."


25 June 2006

25 June 2006 - Joe's Journal

"Aside from the books, two 16-month calendars, and a rare guide to teaching with Calvin and Hobbes, no official merchandise was ever licensed for sale."


07 May 2006

7 May 2006 - Answerbag

"An officially licensed children's textbook entitled Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes was published as part of a limited single print-run in 1993."


30 March 2006

30 March 2006 - Books Found

"I often thought how it would be fun to create a Calvin and Hobbes reading 'curriculum' so I was delighted to find out about this textbook from the mid-1990's.

"The Calvin and Hobbes comic strip ran from 1985-1995 and Bill Watterson allowed only two licensed items during that time: a 16 month wall calendar and this book, which was written by a speech pathologist and special education teacher in North Dakota. The license limited the print run of this book to 2500 copies with the stipulation that it only be advertised to school teachers...."