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24 December 2009

24 December 2009 - Mama.Rap.Show.

"Hobbes Stuffed Animal

"Many fans of the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip looked out for Hobbes stuffed animals they could buy, or other products with Calvin and Hobbes on them. However, although he could have made a fortune licensing his creations, Bill Watterson was firmly against licensing and never agreed to the merchandising of his creations.

"This means that there are no licensed Hobbes stuffed animals for sale, nor any other Calvin and Hobbes items other than compilations of the original comic strips, two calendars, Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes"


24 December 2009 - TV Tropes

"Merchandise Driven: Averted at the cost of such hostility that Watterson actually thought about quitting the strip.
- According to this site, there were two calendars, a Museum of Modern Art t-shirt, and a book, 'Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes.'"