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15 April 2011

15 April 2011 - IGN forums

"RE: Every night before I go to bed I read Calvin and Hobbes.

"Obviously what's crazy about Calvin and Hobbes is how Bill Watterson almost never licensed out his product to any kind of mass consumption. But, you may be surprised to know there was a book called 'Teaching With Calvin and Hobbes' that ran about 1500-2000 copies for a few specific schools up in...North Dakota. It's...an English work-book that centers around a bunch of C&H strips.

"I finally worked up the guts to get my hands on one a few months ago... I'm going to hold onto it for a long time. Maybe some day down the road...I'd sell it, but it also holds a lot of sentimental value because I loved the strip growing up, so there you go....

"It's extremely rare, and I'm thankful I got my hands on one."

* * *

"I so very jelly.... How did you get it for so cheap?"

* * *

"When I first looked, I could only find maybe 3-4 available on the entire internet.... By the time I had the guts to buy one, [one] was already gone, leaving the other two. I debated for a few days, then ultimately decided that...was the lowest I'd ever see it probably for the rest of my life (unless it's a ****ty quality), and if I didn't buy it now, I never would. Last thing I wanted was in 20 years see it...and wonder what could have been....

"It's a neat book."


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