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16 December 2013

16 December 2013 - Multiversity Comics

"Once a month, we’ll be releasing a list of fictional Multiversity Collection releases. A small group of staff will pick books that they believe are essential for every comic book collection, give you a short reason as to why and then create what we feel would be the ultimate release edition of that book. With that in mind, every one of these articles will start with the following note:

"None of these books are actually books that are in production, nor will they ever be in production."

* * *

"#037: Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

"Collection curated by Vince Ostrowski

"* Contains every “Calvin & Hobbes” strip in their original newspaper presentation, in 3 bound hardcover volumes
* A separate bound hardcover volume also contains: “A Nauseous Nocturne”, “The Yukon Song”, “Spaceman Spiff: Interplanetary Explorer Extraordinaire!”, and a variety of other stories and poems from previous collections, as well as a reprint of the “10th Anniversary of Calvin & Hobbes” book complete with Bill Watterson’s captions and remarks
* “Your Childhood: Not For Sale” – a 30 minute documentary about Bill Watterson’s fight to keep his art his own and the worldwide phenomena involving bootlegged “Calvin & Hobbes” merchandise
* A high-definition virtual, clickable tour of Bill Watterson’s “Calvin & Hobbes” art museum exhibit on blu-ray disc. Includes audio-narrated captions
* Includes a signed & numbered print of a random “Calvin & Hobbes” strip with every copy
* Contains a copy of the extremely rare, never-before-reprinted “Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes”"


14 November 2013

14 November 2013 - Twitter @anjumahmed

"Just look at the price."


14 November 2013 - Flavorwire

"10 Things You Didn’t Know About 'Calvin and Hobbes'
By Tom Hawking on Nov 14, 2013 12:15pm
"There’s a Calvin and Hobbes textbook.

"It’s called Teaching With Calvin and Hobbes, and it was published in 1993 by a small press in Fargo, North Dakota. Apparently Watterson was persuaded to make an exception to his general refusal to license his strip after the authors communicated with him directly, and described how using the strip had assisted in their lessons for children with learning disabilities. There were only 2,500 copies printed, and these days, their rarity means they’re worth a small fortune — a copy sold for $10,000 in 2009."


30 October 2013

30 October 2013 - ShaggyBevo

"10-30-2013 02:34 PM
I own every book ever published and at least two of them are on display at all times, if not being currently read. Easily the best comic ever printed. Ever."

* * *

"10-30-2013 02:39 PM
Do you own Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes?"

* * *

"10-30-2013 05:07 PM
Well that's just silly."


28 October 2013

28 October 2013 - Twitter @_RobRob

"Watterson licensed a "Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes" school book? I GOTTA GET ME ONE OF THO--- oh ... wow"


21 October 2013

21 October 2013 - Mental Floss

"7 Things You Might Not Know About Calvin and Hobbes
Jake Rossen

"...the book Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes was a tutorial intended to help students improve their language skills..."


03 September 2013

3 September 2013 - ILM Montessori comments

September 3, 2013 at 9:46 am

"I’d give almost give an arm and a leg to have a copy of “Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes”. Nice find!"


29 August 2013

15 August 2013

15 August 2013 - KickassTorrents

"I know it is a long shot but does anybody happen to have this book? I've tried searching for it but can't find it anywhere."


17 July 2013

16 July 2013

16 July 2013 - Slate

"We’re Getting a Calvin and Hobbes Documentary
By Sharan Shetty | Posted Tuesday, July 16, 2013, at 12:15 PM

"The documentary also touches on Watterson’s stubborn and admirable refusal to concede the comic’s rights, a defiance that now seems a key part of the strip’s legacy. Almost no Calvin and Hobbes merchandise exists outside the book collections. (One exception: the increasingly rare and sought after Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes textbook.) Watterson himself ended the strip partly due to his frustration with the artistic compromises syndication imposed."


16 July 2013 - Dear Mr. Watterson


29 March 2013

29 March 2013 - Salon

"This article originally appeared on The Daily Dot.

"The iconic illustrator has never officially licensed his products except for his comic book collections, two calendars from the late 1980s, and a children’s book, Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes."


26 March 2013

26 March 2013 - The Daily Dot

"Inside the complicated world of Calvin and Hobbes GIFs

"Since launching the blog in July, he's collected more than 5,000 followers. Each GIF averages around 250 notes on Tumblr. Yet despite the positive feedback Linn has received, it's been difficult to enjoy the success without wondering if Watterson approves.

"The iconic illustrator has never officially licensed his products except for his comic book collections, two calendars from the late 1980s, and a children's book, Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes. And while he spoke highly of the art form in 1989 interview, Watterson has never allowed for his comics to be animated."


18 March 2013

18 March 2013 - reddit - calvinandhobbes

"'Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes' is an American children's textbook published in 1993. As a rare piece of officially licensed Calvin and Hobbes merchandise, it is a highly valued collectible. Anybody have this or access to it??? (en.wikipedia.org)"

* * *

"good luck dude"

* * *

"Yeah... I really made this post because I wanted to spread awareness about it not because I thought I had a chance to read it. I think it's absolutely wonderful that the one thing Watterson endorsed was a children's textbook. It really shows the heart of the comic."

* * *

"I kinda want to ask my library to buy it just to see if they can resist laughing at me in the rejection letter."

* * *

"I did some quick checking through OCLC World Cat... Looks like its available in 8 libraries in the US and 2 internationally. All of them seem to be in special collections/rare books and are not available through interlibrary loan. There is a copy in the Library of Congress, for anyone in the DC area who is interested"


12 February 2013

12 February 2013 - Twitter @davedittell

"expand that into an entire grammar workbook. btwn that & Teaching W/ Calvin & Hobbes our educational system can still be saved"


11 February 2013

11 February 2013 - Space Station 11

"Okay so I'm kind of just killing time here until the Wild game starts, and I look over at the little bookshelf in my room and think to myself, 'Oh, I should create a Google Doc for the Calvin and Hobbes books I don't have.' I've been meaning to do that for some time as I could never remember which ones I still need when I was at a book store (only five left!). And lo did I run into a gem! A gem I will probably never be able to afford!

"The book pictured above is (the only?) officially licensed merchandise by Bill Waterson, a textbook called 'Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes.'"


05 February 2013

5 February 2013 - Twitter @HakesAmericana

"Written by a speech-language pathologist and a learning disabilities educator, 'Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes'..."


05 January 2013

5 January 2013 - Kotaku comments

"Also a teaching book called Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes. It goes for about 10K on eBay. Rarest Calvin and Hobbes item around."

* * *

"Wow, that's crazy! I had no idea such a thing existed. Now I kind of want it..."


5 January 2013 - Twitter @tilmobile

"TIL a Calvin & Hobbes textbook was sold for US$10 000 in 2009."