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16 November 2009

16 November 2009 - eBay forums

"Re: Collectible Childrens Books on eBay

"Strong bidding interest for this book... TEACHING WITH CALVIN AND HOBBES~BILL WATTERSON~L HOLMEN Item 130341464186... 'This is an extremely rare collector's item for any Calvin and Hobbes collector!!! As this was an educational book it is doubtful that very many of these are left in very good condition...."


15 November 2009

15 November 2009 - The Straight Dope forums

"Ever heard of the book Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes?

"It's one of the few officially licensed products Watterson ever approved....

"It's actually a pretty good book. For obvious reasons I don't use it any more. In fact, I keep it in a safe deposit box."